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New Xbox live update

The new Xbox360 live update is to be coming November 19th, so everyone get ready. Its said to be a great update which has avatars, easy to maneuver system, and faster respond times, get it on November 19th.


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The Microsoft lawsuit and the release of Halo Recon?

Did you hear about the Microsoft lawsuit? A dozen gamers were outraged because their Xbox360 kept getting the red ring of death, if you don’t know what that is, its a malfunction in the Xbox that doesn’t allow you to play any Xbox360 games. They retaliated against Microsoft and turned it to a lawsuit. The release of Halo 3 Recon is anticipated and is said to come out next fall, you are a Super spartan and are alone in a city that is taken over by the covenant. Master chief will not be featured in this game, it is just a lone soldier stuck in a city with covenant forces.

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How to get free microsoft points

I just figured a very simple way of earning free microsoft points and im going to show you how I got microsoft points free without a credit card! You can also get free Wii points and free Xbox live.

how does this happen?
First of all when you buy Microsoft points, you just enter in the prepaid code and start playing right? Well, this site will send the code to you. It also sends the,free Xbox live and free Wii points right to you!

Ok, how do I get the free Microsoft points?
First thing you do is you need to make a Junk Email account, you will get alot of spam and junk and you dont want it crowding your real Email address, you can choose either Yahoo, Hotmail, or anything else of your choice.

-The site
Sign up to the for Free Microsoft Points

Click on sign-up and start filling out the required information. You even get 250 free points when you sign up. It will ask for your email, give them your REAL email address, this is where important stuff goes.

Next it asks for your address, put in your real address, They send out games and Consoles too, so just put in your real address.

Ok after you’ve created your account, your ready to do offers. Each offer has a number of points it gives, 100 points is 1 dollar. The Microsoft points are 1600 points, you get points by doing offers. You can get 2000 points in 1 day.

Now to do these offers first you need to go to “Offers start earning”, Now you will see a list of offers and how many points they give. When filling out offers, they will ask you for your Email address. Be sure to use that “Junk” Email address that we made, you will get spam and this is where it will all go.

-Cell Phone and Credit card offers
There are also Cell phone offers and Credit card offers. For cell phone offers, they will send you some ring tones and free stuff, all you have to do is put in your cell phone number, so you get free ring tones and also get about 500 points on the spot! Now for credit card offers, some credit card offers just need a credit card number, but they wont charge, they give you 750 points on the spot. There are big offers for credit cards too, they charge a few dollars on your credit card, but you end up getting 1500-3000 points!

Some offers also take a few minutes to credit or even up to a day, so don’t worry if your not credited on the spot, you’ll get your points if you did everything correctly!

Did you know that this site is the only site that offers games that you can play for points? There are 3 games which you can play:

-The Racing game- the racing game is simple in which you have to race a little blue car around a track 5 times and avoid hitting the walls. Simple enough.

-The Shooting game- The shooting game involves a total of 50 targets each worth 4 points for a total of 200 points, all you have to do is hit the bullseye and get your high score.

-Number Limbo- This game involves each player getting 5 guesses on weekdays and 10 guesses on weekends, this is very simple, all you have to do is guess a low number which nobody else has guessed and you could win $20-$80, the number limbo happens everyday so its fun to play.
–Each games pits you against another player and if you beat that player you win tons of points!

-Your prize!
Heres the fun part, now after you have your 2000 points, (or enough for your free Xbox live and free Wii points) go to where it says “Amazon Redemption”. They have tons of prizes like consoles (PS3, Xbox360, Wii), free Video games, free Ipods, free Cell phones too. Now if you want Microsoft points, type in “Microsoft points” and scroll down until your see your Microsoft points. Click “Order prize”, your freeMicrosoft points will be e-mailed to you, the big prizes like Xbox360 will get shipped to you.

If there isn’t anything you like on the website, you can also custom order your prize! You can go to and custom order the prize if you have enough points!

Your done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, Good luck!

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