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Look out Mario…Heres comes Wii

Look out Mario, you’ve got a new competitor. The Nintendo Wii the newest and most revolutionary system has just topped one of the most selling games ever. Mario used to be the biggest craze and the most sold game ever, not anymore.

Mario has just been topped by the new game Wii sports which allows a player to play around 5 different kinds of sports including Boxing, Bowling, Baseball, etc. The impressive part is it only took 2 months to top the best selling game ever!

Mario sales were 40.24 Million units and Wii sports has surpassed it. With over 45 million Wii’s sold and with a copy of Wii sports with every system sold its no wonder that it topped Mario. Before you say its a false victory, consider that Super Mario was also sold as a bundle during the 1980’s. Even without the bundle in Japan, Wii sports sold 3.2 million copies.


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Sony PSP is dead!

If your thinking of buying the The Sony PSP, might want to think again, Sony said it was going to be the Walkman of the 21st century… Right…

Its sales are down by 27% while its competitor the Nintendo DS is up 20% from last year. Nobody is making any PSP games, why? Because its not selling! Sales are down, its competitors have won this competition. There is probably nothing Sony can do to bring back this product.

Even though it is a little more advanced than the Nintendo DS, the people prefer the DS because of its multi-screen fun gaming handheld device. Its a fun game experience and is wiping the floor with the PSP.

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