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The new PSP Go.

Heres something I ran into the other day, Sony is launching a new handheld device which is known as the PSP Go, basically it is an upgrade from the older version of the PSP, here are all of the features:

1. 16gb on board flash memory
2. 3.8 inch screen
3. 43% lighter than the PSP 3000
4. Blue Tooth Support
5. All Digital Content No UMD
6. You can add extra memory via memory card slot
7. Games , Movies , TV Shows, To Go
8. Releases This Fall 2009

Now this might sound great, but there’s only one problem, the price of this thing is crazy! it costs $80 more than the normal PSP! Now you might be rethinking about buying this expensive device, due to consumers negative reaction to the price, there may be a possibility of a price cut on the PSP Go. Keep checking the site for the latest info.



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More info about Halo:ODST

I just got more up to date info about the new game thats coming out, Halo 3: ODST. We got information about the weapons, gadgets, and the playable Spartan soldiers. First ill explain a little about the Spartan character itself. Remember that this is a reference to the very first Halo game.

Overshield, though regenerative, isn’t as strong. They have health bars that slowly whittle away just like the first Halo game. They take damage if they fall too far. They can’t jump as high. You can’t dual wield weapons. They even have a powerful pistol with a zoomed scope and suppressed muzzle. The Spartan itself has a night vision mode. Also there is a new weapon introduction in this game called a slightly suppressed SMG.

The game can be played on a firefight mode which is basically a cooperative play of 4 players. If you pre-order the game, a new spartan will be available to play, which is Sgt. Johnson. There is no difference between the Spartan characters, no extra stats, or special abilities or anything.

There are only a set number of lives that the entire team shares. Since you need health packs to regenerate your health, you’ll want to use them to your advantage and not waste them. Other than that it is the same as Halo 3, Headshots do more damage, kill more enemies and you can get combos, if you kill teammates you lose points, etc. A players individual score is kept as well to see the overall statistics of how you played, you can also earn achievements and medals.

Each time you move up a round, new mixes of skulls are added making the game just a little more difficult each time a skull is collected. If you make it far enough and you’ll find almost all of the skulls activated, making the fight just about impossible except for the experts. There will only be a limited number of Co-cop maps that you will be able to play also, you lose the option to create your own maps on firefight.

Keep checking back for the latest updates.

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