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Nintendo is named the “world’s best company”

Nintendo has been recently named the “world’s best company” by BusinessWeek. It managed to beat out competition of Google and Exxonmobile, shocking! But what made Nintendo the world’s best company even though its sales are low due to the late price cut of Nintendo.

Well I asked the same question and BusinessWeek said that it was “Emblematic.” What does that mean? Well if you look at the figures, in the past 5 years nintendo has a huge increase in sales of 36% with a annual growth of 38%.

Sony and Microsoft didn’t even place on the list which I think is hilarious, once again beaten by Nintendo. Well have to see what Microsoft and Sony have in store for the future.


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Delay of 2009 titles.

I just picked up some information revealing 6 games that probably wont make it to shelves this year, too bad. Some of these are anticipated games and the number one spot belongs to my most anticipated game, Starcraft II. Heres the breakdown:

1. Starcraft 2: This game is the sequel to the original Starcraft which was very popular and still is, it was made back in 1996 so its a pretty old game, but old doesn’t always mean boring. The original game is actually played like a sport back in Korea, cool huh? Starcraft 2 is delivering new units, a new story, and a whole lot of fun.

2. Dante’s Inferno: This game was said to be similar to Sony’s God of War. It looks interesting and has a whole lot of sparks and flashes, ive heard alot of good things about this game so keep your eye out for previews and ratings!

3. I am Alive: This game is actually a action and survival typed game by Ubisoft which is out for both Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. Its basically set up in Chicago and a earthquake hits the city, this man is getting worse by the day and waiting for rescue, he sets up a camp and needs to collect resources and materials to survive. Interesting.

4. Heavy Rain: Very little is known about this game, all we know is that its about a person who’s trying to save someone he loves very much. Basically showing how far someone would go to save this person that he loves.

5. Alpha Protocol: This game is actually a Action-Role playing game which involves a CIA agent named Micheal Thorton. After a mission goes terribly wrong, Micheal Thorton is betrayed by his fellow comrades, government, and if thats not bad enough, hunted! He begins using the Alpha Protocol and acts as an undercover agent.

6. Aliens VS Predator: AVP has been a hit game ever since the movies, now turning it into a pretty sweet game is Sega whose in turn working up on the follow up title. The game has a lot riding on it, it would actually be wise for Sega to give it a delay to make it better and possibly more enjoyable for gamers.

Keep checking back for more upcoming gaming news!

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Free microsoft points and Xbox live

I just figured a very simple way of earning free microsoft points and im going to show you how I got microsoft points free without a credit card! You can also get free Wii points and free Xbox live.

how does this happen?
First of all when you buy Microsoft points, you just enter in the prepaid code and start playing right? Well, this site will send the code to you. It also sends the,free Xbox live and free Wii points right to you!

Ok, how do I get the free Microsoft points?
First thing you do is you need to make a Junk Email account, you will get alot of spam and junk and you dont want it crowding your real Email address, you can choose either Yahoo, Hotmail, or anything else of your choice.

-The site
Sign up to the site for Free Microsoft Points

Click on sign-up and start filling out the required information. You even get 250 free points when you sign up. It will ask for your email, give them your REAL email address, this is where important stuff goes.

Next it asks for your address, put in your real address, They send out games and Consoles too, so just put in your real address.

Ok after you’ve created your account, your ready to do offers. Each offer has a number of points it gives, 100 points is 1 dollar. The Microsoft points are 1600 points, you get points by doing offers. You can get 2000 points in 1 day.

Now to do these offers first you need to go to “Offers start earning”, Now you will see a list of offers and how many points they give. When filling out offers, they will ask you for your Email address. Be sure to use that “Junk” Email address that we made, you will get spam and this is where it will all go.

-Cell Phone and Credit card offers
There are also Cell phone offers and Credit card offers. For cell phone offers, they will send you some ring tones and free stuff, all you have to do is put in your cell phone number, so you get free ring tones and also get about 500 points on the spot! Now for credit card offers, some credit card offers just need a credit card number, but they wont charge, they give you 750 points on the spot. There are big offers for credit cards too, they charge a few dollars on your credit card, but you end up getting 1500-3000 points!

Some offers also take a few minutes to credit or even up to a day, so don’t worry if your not credited on the spot, you’ll get your points if you did everything correctly!

Did you know that this site is the only site that offers games that you can play for points? There are 3 games which you can play:

-The Racing game- the racing game is simple in which you have to race a little blue car around a track 5 times and avoid hitting the walls. Simple enough.

-The Shooting game- The shooting game involves a total of 50 targets each worth 4 points for a total of 200 points, all you have to do is hit the bullseye and get your high score.

-Number Limbo- This game involves each player getting 5 guesses on weekdays and 10 guesses on weekends, this is very simple, all you have to do is guess a low number which nobody else has guessed and you could win $20-$80, the number limbo happens everyday so its fun to play.
–Each games pits you against another player and if you beat that player you win tons of points!

-Your prize!
Heres the fun part, now after you have your 2000 points, (or enough for your free Xbox live and free Wii points) go to where it says “Amazon Redemption”. They have tons of prizes like consoles (PS3, Xbox360, Wii), free Video games, free Ipods, free Cell phones too. Now if you want Microsoft points, type in “Microsoft points” and scroll down until your see your Microsoft points. Click “Order prize”, your freeMicrosoft points will be e-mailed to you, the big prizes like Xbox360 will get shipped to you.

If there isn’t anything you like on the website, you can also custom order your prize! You can go to and custom order the prize if you have enough points!

Your done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, Good luck!

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Halo 3: ODST Tour

I found a nice post while searching around about a Halo ODST tour. According to the website, you will get to see and play the firefight mode on the upcoming game Halo ODST which will be released in September. A new mode will be available on Halo ODST a new mode of co-op combat will be put into the game which is known as “firefight.” This mode will allow you to invite friends and play a 4 player co-op mode simultaneously.

This mode is said to be similar to the fight mode called “horde mode” on Gears of War. Bungie is now giving players the opportunity to go and see this new mode for themselves at locations around the US. Full information on which cities the firefight mode will be available is listed on

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PS3 Price cut confirmed and a new slimmer PS3.

It finally happened, what you’ve been waiting for, rumors are true and Sony finally confirms a price cut in the 80 gigabyte Playstation 3 console to $299, this is probably due to the recent pricing of the PS3 showing that it is trailing behind the Wii and Xbox 360 by ALOT! The PS3 was normally priced at $399 so its a big price cut, this way its actually more affordable and comes into price range of its popular rivals the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Sony is hoping that the price cut will finally make it get more consoles sold. Along with the price cut Sony also announced that there will be a new sleek design of the 120 gigabyte PS3 coming out next month. This sleek, slim new system will weigh less, take up less power, and look awesome! This new design will also be priced at $299, so if you want to wait for the new design, thats probably best in mind. The new sleek design will be available on September 1st.

The 160 and 80 gigabyte systems will be discontinued after they sell out. Is Sony’s price cut too late? only to find that there sales are pathetic compared to that of the mighty Wii and Xbox 360. Also the gamers nowadays have already gotten there hands on a Wii or Xbox 360.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition

Hey guys,

alright, this is big, as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to let everyone see this. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition is the highest limited edition copy you can pick up at stores November 10th 2009. First of all it comes in a box and it has about 4 things you get with it:

The game: Of course you will be getting the hardened edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which comes in a collectors edition metallic case.

The Art book: Inside of the game case hardened edition, it includes an exclusive art book which is basically drawings of levels, comments from the creators, and screen shots of the levels.

Original Call of Duty: Inside the game will also include a token which will allow you to get the arcade classic version of Call of Duty on the original Xbox and PSN.

Last but not least!

Real Night Vision Goggles: Fully functioning Night Vision Goggles, alternating modes, and Modern Warfare branded, which includes the sculpted head which is a “stand” for the Night Vision Goggles. The sculpted head is customizable and ready and can be put anywhere.

Get your copy on November 10th, or get it for free.

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The new PSP Go.

Heres something I ran into the other day, Sony is launching a new handheld device which is known as the PSP Go, basically it is an upgrade from the older version of the PSP, here are all of the features:

1. 16gb on board flash memory
2. 3.8 inch screen
3. 43% lighter than the PSP 3000
4. Blue Tooth Support
5. All Digital Content No UMD
6. You can add extra memory via memory card slot
7. Games , Movies , TV Shows, To Go
8. Releases This Fall 2009

Now this might sound great, but there’s only one problem, the price of this thing is crazy! it costs $80 more than the normal PSP! Now you might be rethinking about buying this expensive device, due to consumers negative reaction to the price, there may be a possibility of a price cut on the PSP Go. Keep checking the site for the latest info.


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More info about Halo:ODST

I just got more up to date info about the new game thats coming out, Halo 3: ODST. We got information about the weapons, gadgets, and the playable Spartan soldiers. First ill explain a little about the Spartan character itself. Remember that this is a reference to the very first Halo game.

Overshield, though regenerative, isn’t as strong. They have health bars that slowly whittle away just like the first Halo game. They take damage if they fall too far. They can’t jump as high. You can’t dual wield weapons. They even have a powerful pistol with a zoomed scope and suppressed muzzle. The Spartan itself has a night vision mode. Also there is a new weapon introduction in this game called a slightly suppressed SMG.

The game can be played on a firefight mode which is basically a cooperative play of 4 players. If you pre-order the game, a new spartan will be available to play, which is Sgt. Johnson. There is no difference between the Spartan characters, no extra stats, or special abilities or anything.

There are only a set number of lives that the entire team shares. Since you need health packs to regenerate your health, you’ll want to use them to your advantage and not waste them. Other than that it is the same as Halo 3, Headshots do more damage, kill more enemies and you can get combos, if you kill teammates you lose points, etc. A players individual score is kept as well to see the overall statistics of how you played, you can also earn achievements and medals.

Each time you move up a round, new mixes of skulls are added making the game just a little more difficult each time a skull is collected. If you make it far enough and you’ll find almost all of the skulls activated, making the fight just about impossible except for the experts. There will only be a limited number of Co-cop maps that you will be able to play also, you lose the option to create your own maps on firefight.

Keep checking back for the latest updates.

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The new Wii MotionPlus

A new product is going to be introduced in stores, its not all that great, but it will be flying off the shelves due to its features. The new Wii Motionplus is designed to take complete precision on the Wii’s. Gamers have been disappointed by the old remotes lack of accuracy was always a downside. Not anymore! The Wii MotionPlus is going to start selling on June 8th, the difference between these remotes and the old ones are that the new ones use gyroscopic sensors to mimic hand movements exactly

“The great thing about this particular new technology — which isn’t always true for other new technologies — is that we immediately saw the benefits of it,” said Jason Shenkman, senior producer of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

“Before I even touched it or got my hands on it, I knew exactly what having a gyroscope in our possession would do.”

It is still unclear why the original remotes weren’t released with this new technology.

“We are always looking at ways to enhance the gaming experience for consumers,” said Denise Kaigler, Nintendo vice president of corporate affairs. “This was another way of enhancing the gaming experience, and consumers will hopefully choose to experience that more immersive type of game play and enjoy it.”

“One of the cool things is that with Wii MotionPlus, we know how hard you have swung the remote,” Vandenberghe said. “That means we can ask the player to have a more physical experience, like having enemies who are wearing armor that players will have to hit harder with their sword.”

Only 5 games so far have been able to use this new technology and those games are: Tiger Woods, Wii Sports Resort from Nintendo, Grand Slam Tennis from Electronic Arts; Virtua Tennis 2009 from Sega, and Red Steel 2 from Ubisoft.

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Lack of updates and my new Wii

Its been a long time but im finally back up and ready to give you guys the latest of Gamer news. For starters, I would like to follow up on my Free Microsoft points guide, with the website I was able to get myself a brand new Wii. Its really easy so check it out.

Points2shop Prize

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