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Delay of 2009 titles.

I just picked up some information revealing 6 games that probably wont make it to shelves this year, too bad. Some of these are anticipated games and the number one spot belongs to my most anticipated game, Starcraft II. Heres the breakdown:

1. Starcraft 2: This game is the sequel to the original Starcraft which was very popular and still is, it was made back in 1996 so its a pretty old game, but old doesn’t always mean boring. The original game is actually played like a sport back in Korea, cool huh? Starcraft 2 is delivering new units, a new story, and a whole lot of fun.

2. Dante’s Inferno: This game was said to be similar to Sony’s God of War. It looks interesting and has a whole lot of sparks and flashes, ive heard alot of good things about this game so keep your eye out for previews and ratings!

3. I am Alive: This game is actually a action and survival typed game by Ubisoft which is out for both Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. Its basically set up in Chicago and a earthquake hits the city, this man is getting worse by the day and waiting for rescue, he sets up a camp and needs to collect resources and materials to survive. Interesting.

4. Heavy Rain: Very little is known about this game, all we know is that its about a person who’s trying to save someone he loves very much. Basically showing how far someone would go to save this person that he loves.

5. Alpha Protocol: This game is actually a Action-Role playing game which involves a CIA agent named Micheal Thorton. After a mission goes terribly wrong, Micheal Thorton is betrayed by his fellow comrades, government, and if thats not bad enough, hunted! He begins using the Alpha Protocol and acts as an undercover agent.

6. Aliens VS Predator: AVP has been a hit game ever since the movies, now turning it into a pretty sweet game is Sega whose in turn working up on the follow up title. The game has a lot riding on it, it would actually be wise for Sega to give it a delay to make it better and possibly more enjoyable for gamers.

Keep checking back for more upcoming gaming news!


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Starcraft 2 update

The new upcoming game from Blizzard named “Starcraft 2” is the next series for their previous hit game Starcraft expansion. They are adding new updates and creating the masterpiece one at a time.

The newest update for Starcraft 2 is they are now renaming the Jackal referred to as the firebat is now being renamed to the Hellion.

The destructive force known as the Mothership the new protoss destruction machine has three abilities which are:

Cloaking Field passively cloaks the player’s nearby ground units and structures.

Time Bomb creates a distortion field around the Mothership that lasts 30 seconds. Air units within this field cannot move and take no damage from ranged attacks. Time Bomb costs 100 energy and cooldown takes 90 seconds.

Vortex creates a gravity vortex for 30 seconds that incapacitates units that are sucked into it. units under the effect of the vortex cannot be hit with weapons. Vortex doesnot give any damage to units sucked into it. Vortex costs 150 energy and cooldown takes 3 seconds.

Thats all for the Starcraft 2 updates.

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