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Starcraft 2 update

The new upcoming game from Blizzard named “Starcraft 2” is the next series for their previous hit game Starcraft expansion. They are adding new updates and creating the masterpiece one at a time.

The newest update for Starcraft 2 is they are now renaming the Jackal referred to as the firebat is now being renamed to the Hellion.

The destructive force known as the Mothership the new protoss destruction machine has three abilities which are:

Cloaking Field passively cloaks the player’s nearby ground units and structures.

Time Bomb creates a distortion field around the Mothership that lasts 30 seconds. Air units within this field cannot move and take no damage from ranged attacks. Time Bomb costs 100 energy and cooldown takes 90 seconds.

Vortex creates a gravity vortex for 30 seconds that incapacitates units that are sucked into it. units under the effect of the vortex cannot be hit with weapons. Vortex doesnot give any damage to units sucked into it. Vortex costs 150 energy and cooldown takes 3 seconds.

Thats all for the Starcraft 2 updates.


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Halo 3 Recon renamed?


Halo 3:ODST features a new campaign played from the perspective of an ODST in the heart of a Covenant occupied New Mombasa. In addition to sleuthing around the city and piecing together the details surrounding your squad’s whereabouts

This new title is a more straightforward account of the experience that awaits and the role you will assume as you explore the streets of New Mombasa. But don’t worry, you can still has Recon. (the armor that is, it’s still tied to the Vidmaster achievements and will be accessible via the final retail release next Fall).

“ODST” is the acronym for “Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.” This special forces branch of the UNSC military force is called into action for highly specialized, small scale operations. ODST units were deployed during portions of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 campaign and have also been featured in some of the Halo novels. To learn more about this elite military operation.
Halo 3 : ODST will drop into stores next Fall and the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack will be coming to Xbox LIVE Marketplace sometime early next year. Everything currently on Xbox live about Recon will be replaced the new name, any content already downloaded will have its name chaned to Halo 3:ODST.

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New Xbox live update

The new Xbox360 live update is to be coming November 19th, so everyone get ready. Its said to be a great update which has avatars, easy to maneuver system, and faster respond times, get it on November 19th.

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