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Final 2009 review ranks

If u look at the stats, the PS3 had the best games of 2009 and the worst was the Wii with critics liking only 28% of 300+ games. PS3 led with the top three games Uncharted 2, Street fighter 5, and Modern Warfare 2. Honorable mentions went to PS3 who had 5/10, next game the Xbox 360 with 4, and finally Nintendo with a measly 1 game which was Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for the DS.

Critics never liked the Wii due to its vast amount of crappy games, they just weren’t fun to play. Back in September there seemed to be a rise and a new beginning, guess that didn’t last long. But strangely enough, through November the Wii sold 1 million units with Xbox 360 at 819,500, then the PS3 with 710,400 overall.

Nintendo better be making some better games for the Wii or else sales will plummet and it wont be pretty. Thats all forr the 2009 ranks.


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The new Wii MotionPlus

A new product is going to be introduced in stores, its not all that great, but it will be flying off the shelves due to its features. The new Wii Motionplus is designed to take complete precision on the Wii’s. Gamers have been disappointed by the old remotes lack of accuracy was always a downside. Not anymore! The Wii MotionPlus is going to start selling on June 8th, the difference between these remotes and the old ones are that the new ones use gyroscopic sensors to mimic hand movements exactly

“The great thing about this particular new technology — which isn’t always true for other new technologies — is that we immediately saw the benefits of it,” said Jason Shenkman, senior producer of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

“Before I even touched it or got my hands on it, I knew exactly what having a gyroscope in our possession would do.”

It is still unclear why the original remotes weren’t released with this new technology.

“We are always looking at ways to enhance the gaming experience for consumers,” said Denise Kaigler, Nintendo vice president of corporate affairs. “This was another way of enhancing the gaming experience, and consumers will hopefully choose to experience that more immersive type of game play and enjoy it.”

“One of the cool things is that with Wii MotionPlus, we know how hard you have swung the remote,” Vandenberghe said. “That means we can ask the player to have a more physical experience, like having enemies who are wearing armor that players will have to hit harder with their sword.”

Only 5 games so far have been able to use this new technology and those games are: Tiger Woods, Wii Sports Resort from Nintendo, Grand Slam Tennis from Electronic Arts; Virtua Tennis 2009 from Sega, and Red Steel 2 from Ubisoft.

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Lack of updates and my new Wii

Its been a long time but im finally back up and ready to give you guys the latest of Gamer news. For starters, I would like to follow up on my Free Microsoft points guide, with the website I was able to get myself a brand new Wii. Its really easy so check it out.

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Look out Mario…Heres comes Wii

Look out Mario, you’ve got a new competitor. The Nintendo Wii the newest and most revolutionary system has just topped one of the most selling games ever. Mario used to be the biggest craze and the most sold game ever, not anymore.

Mario has just been topped by the new game Wii sports which allows a player to play around 5 different kinds of sports including Boxing, Bowling, Baseball, etc. The impressive part is it only took 2 months to top the best selling game ever!

Mario sales were 40.24 Million units and Wii sports has surpassed it. With over 45 million Wii’s sold and with a copy of Wii sports with every system sold its no wonder that it topped Mario. Before you say its a false victory, consider that Super Mario was also sold as a bundle during the 1980’s. Even without the bundle in Japan, Wii sports sold 3.2 million copies.

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