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Free microsoft points and Xbox live

I just figured a very simple way of earning free microsoft points and im going to show you how I got microsoft points free without a credit card! You can also get free Wii points and free Xbox live.

how does this happen?
First of all when you buy Microsoft points, you just enter in the prepaid code and start playing right? Well, this site will send the code to you. It also sends the,free Xbox live and free Wii points right to you!

Ok, how do I get the free Microsoft points?
First thing you do is you need to make a Junk Email account, you will get alot of spam and junk and you dont want it crowding your real Email address, you can choose either Yahoo, Hotmail, or anything else of your choice.

-The site
Sign up to the site for Free Microsoft Points

Click on sign-up and start filling out the required information. You even get 250 free points when you sign up. It will ask for your email, give them your REAL email address, this is where important stuff goes.

Next it asks for your address, put in your real address, They send out games and Consoles too, so just put in your real address.

Ok after you’ve created your account, your ready to do offers. Each offer has a number of points it gives, 100 points is 1 dollar. The Microsoft points are 1600 points, you get points by doing offers. You can get 2000 points in 1 day.

Now to do these offers first you need to go to “Offers start earning”, Now you will see a list of offers and how many points they give. When filling out offers, they will ask you for your Email address. Be sure to use that “Junk” Email address that we made, you will get spam and this is where it will all go.

-Cell Phone and Credit card offers
There are also Cell phone offers and Credit card offers. For cell phone offers, they will send you some ring tones and free stuff, all you have to do is put in your cell phone number, so you get free ring tones and also get about 500 points on the spot! Now for credit card offers, some credit card offers just need a credit card number, but they wont charge, they give you 750 points on the spot. There are big offers for credit cards too, they charge a few dollars on your credit card, but you end up getting 1500-3000 points!

Some offers also take a few minutes to credit or even up to a day, so don’t worry if your not credited on the spot, you’ll get your points if you did everything correctly!

Did you know that this site is the only site that offers games that you can play for points? There are 3 games which you can play:

-The Racing game- the racing game is simple in which you have to race a little blue car around a track 5 times and avoid hitting the walls. Simple enough.

-The Shooting game- The shooting game involves a total of 50 targets each worth 4 points for a total of 200 points, all you have to do is hit the bullseye and get your high score.

-Number Limbo- This game involves each player getting 5 guesses on weekdays and 10 guesses on weekends, this is very simple, all you have to do is guess a low number which nobody else has guessed and you could win $20-$80, the number limbo happens everyday so its fun to play.
–Each games pits you against another player and if you beat that player you win tons of points!

-Your prize!
Heres the fun part, now after you have your 2000 points, (or enough for your free Xbox live and free Wii points) go to where it says “Amazon Redemption”. They have tons of prizes like consoles (PS3, Xbox360, Wii), free Video games, free Ipods, free Cell phones too. Now if you want Microsoft points, type in “Microsoft points” and scroll down until your see your Microsoft points. Click “Order prize”, your freeMicrosoft points will be e-mailed to you, the big prizes like Xbox360 will get shipped to you.

If there isn’t anything you like on the website, you can also custom order your prize! You can go to and custom order the prize if you have enough points!

Your done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, Good luck!

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Starcraft 2 update

The new upcoming game from Blizzard named “Starcraft 2” is the next series for their previous hit game Starcraft expansion. They are adding new updates and creating the masterpiece one at a time.

The newest update for Starcraft 2 is they are now renaming the Jackal referred to as the firebat is now being renamed to the Hellion.

The destructive force known as the Mothership the new protoss destruction machine has three abilities which are:

Cloaking Field passively cloaks the player’s nearby ground units and structures.

Time Bomb creates a distortion field around the Mothership that lasts 30 seconds. Air units within this field cannot move and take no damage from ranged attacks. Time Bomb costs 100 energy and cooldown takes 90 seconds.

Vortex creates a gravity vortex for 30 seconds that incapacitates units that are sucked into it. units under the effect of the vortex cannot be hit with weapons. Vortex doesnot give any damage to units sucked into it. Vortex costs 150 energy and cooldown takes 3 seconds.

Thats all for the Starcraft 2 updates.

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Halo 3 Recon renamed?


Halo 3:ODST features a new campaign played from the perspective of an ODST in the heart of a Covenant occupied New Mombasa. In addition to sleuthing around the city and piecing together the details surrounding your squad’s whereabouts

This new title is a more straightforward account of the experience that awaits and the role you will assume as you explore the streets of New Mombasa. But don’t worry, you can still has Recon. (the armor that is, it’s still tied to the Vidmaster achievements and will be accessible via the final retail release next Fall).

“ODST” is the acronym for “Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.” This special forces branch of the UNSC military force is called into action for highly specialized, small scale operations. ODST units were deployed during portions of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 campaign and have also been featured in some of the Halo novels. To learn more about this elite military operation.
Halo 3 : ODST will drop into stores next Fall and the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack will be coming to Xbox LIVE Marketplace sometime early next year. Everything currently on Xbox live about Recon will be replaced the new name, any content already downloaded will have its name chaned to Halo 3:ODST.

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Blog moved

Hey guys, I wanted to say thank you for reading all of my content, it means alot from the comments I received. I would be more than glad to continue writing for you guys, and you can keep up at my other website. Similar content will be written at this other site and you can still find out how to get Free Microsoft points and Xbox live and other free gaming stuff over there as well. Ill be writing about new Halo games, Call of Duty Black Ops, and other great games.

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Moving my blog!

Hey guys, ive decided to move my blog to HERE this way I can have a better layout and still give u guys the best content, all my content will now be moved to this site and will stay there until otherwise, check out the new blog You’ll still get the latest gaming info and ways to get free Microsoft points and more insider secrets. I hope to see u there.

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Final 2009 review ranks

If u look at the stats, the PS3 had the best games of 2009 and the worst was the Wii with critics liking only 28% of 300+ games. PS3 led with the top three games Uncharted 2, Street fighter 5, and Modern Warfare 2. Honorable mentions went to PS3 who had 5/10, next game the Xbox 360 with 4, and finally Nintendo with a measly 1 game which was Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for the DS.

Critics never liked the Wii due to its vast amount of crappy games, they just weren’t fun to play. Back in September there seemed to be a rise and a new beginning, guess that didn’t last long. But strangely enough, through November the Wii sold 1 million units with Xbox 360 at 819,500, then the PS3 with 710,400 overall.

Nintendo better be making some better games for the Wii or else sales will plummet and it wont be pretty. Thats all forr the 2009 ranks.

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Is the PSP Go calling it quits?

Still, people are criticizing the PSP Go, due to its immensely huge price and lack of games. The words spoken by the widely popular game developer of Lego Star Wars Jon Burton were “The PSP Go is going to die.” That’s rough especially coming from someone with so much experience, so what is Sony going to do about this? Well Sony’s response was that during the first week of the PSP Go’s release, it had an uplift of 300% and the game downloads have also been large.

So what is Jon Burton talking about? Well… Gamers are starting to get angry because of the download feature, one gamer stated that if he bought it at Amazon, he could get games 20% cheaper and could resell them after finished. But with the download, they get no discount and are stuck with the game. It seems that gamers have spoken and we will have to wait and see what sony reveals.

Stay tuned for more about the PSP Go.

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Great price for the Wii

Still don’t have a Wii? Are u waiting for the Christmas break to get one? DONT! When the Wii first came out the price tag on it was $250.00 Which was still less expensive than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it was considered an amateur gaming console, nevertheless, it was still awesome to play it. During September, the Wii had a $50 price cut and went down to $199.99 after the Xbox 360 and PS3 also dropped their prices. If you didn’t have a chance to get a Wii during the Black Friday sale either. your chance is here.

Walmart is offering an amazing deal on the Wii, they’re offering another $50 off the Wii!! That brings the price down to $149.99 which is the lowest ive ever seen! This is NOT a deal going on anywhere else but Walmart, so for all you gamers ready to get a Wii, this is your chance. But you better hurry, Walmart is ending this deal December 12th, so get out and go buy youself a Wii and save $50.

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Halo series?

If you really think about it, when the very first Halo came out, everybody was crazy about it! If you didn’t have it, you technically weren’t a gamer. When I first played that game I was hooked, and it was a great game, why not? Halo was a gamers best friend. Next in line was Halo 2, after the first great Halo game, the sequel should be good and expected to be better than the first. It wasn’t as addicting but it was still fun and playable, once again it was great for party games and just something to do when you got bored. Xbox live also made it extremely fun to game with other people instead of just your friends.

Now this is where the problem steps in, Halo 3.. From my personal experience, I can say that the Halo series has been giving up on their games, it was an amazing game at first, but then they just seemed to be putting something together and trying to make it great. Halo 3 did not match up with the story line and didn’t even make sense. Aliens and little flood creatures were cool. But flying monkeys? oook…. I didn’t like this concept of the game, they needed an new enemy for the Master Chief so they put in monkeys…

Alright, Xbox live was still fun, but it seemed like they took out some of the same capabilities as Halo 2, such as the ability to jump farther and avoid grenades easier along with dodging the hammer is impossible. If your definitely good enough you can counter though. It seems as if you have control of grenades, you have control of the game, which makes the game a little more interesting.

Halo ODST was the same old spartan fight except you die faster. They even required you to buy ODST to be able to play MLG which I thought was just a quick way for Bungie to get a quick buck. Halo Wars was an interesting game, it had the concept of spartans fighting aliens along with some Starcraft/Warcraft gameplay going on. It was fairly new and interesting but I wasn’t interested, they had limited units and not enough strategy. Simple way of putting it, it was too easy.

The next Halo game is said to be Halo Reach which gamers are looking forward to because of Project Natal. Project Natal as you all know is something like the Wii with motion sensor technology except its supposed to be alot better at capturing movements than the Wii. You can check out all of the features in an earlier post I made.

That’s all for Halo, stay tuned for more on Project Natal.

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Assassins Creed 2

Ok as many of you know, Assassins Creed came out about 2 weeks ago, I haven’t played it yet, but due to the first ones amazing graphics, creative gameplay, and a whole lot of fun, I can’t wait to buy this game!! I recommend it extremely, although it does get really repetitive but other than that, AWESOME!

The game itself is super addicting and takes some strategy to find your way around, I was a little dissapointed at how fast the game ended. I was hoping it would be ALOT longer something close to Twilight princess. Now Assassins Creed 2 is said to take the gaming experience one step further.

It shattered the ratings and got an unbelievable score of 9.2 from IGN!!! WOW!!! This game also is based alot on old history, but it makes it REALLY interesting. In Assassins Creed 2, your able to buy armor and new weapons! In the first game, you had a small variety of weapons, but you could use them in so many ways. The difficulty was actually fairly more difficult than I thought, but nothing you can’t handle.

Story line, missions, investigations, and a whole lot of blood! This is one game you don’t to miss! Keep checking back for the latest in gaming news.

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Project Natal

Ok, this isn’t really new, but I thought id write about it anyway. This is probably the sweetest thing ive ever seen if it actually works the way its shown (video below). Its supposedly supposed to have voice recognition, full body control, and its pretty cheap. Ive heard rumors that the price on the camera is going to be $80, sounds pretty reasonable for what you can do with it.

I saw the commercial with an actual gun game and the way its shown, all I can say is, I can’t wait! Chances are that this thing isn’t going to do what it shows. Gamers everywhere were dissapointed and angry that the Wii controllers would not recognize movements and it became really frustrating. This is said to be breakthrough technology with everything u need.

It is probably limited on certain games that you can play on Natal, but ill let you decide for yourself, check this out:

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Left4dead 2 worth it or a waste of money?

As many of you know, Left4dead 2 came out about a week ago, ive been playing this game for a while and recommend it for hours and hours of fun. But Left4dead 2??? Its basically the same concept of the first game with new zombies, a few new weapons and new levels, other than that, its the same game!!

Honestly, would you spend another 50 bucks for almost the same game? Don’t get me wrong, the first one was great, but the second one… I don’t think so. Some of the new zombies look pretty interesting though, I looked all around and haven’t been able to find out anything about the new special infected, so im posting it here for you guys:

Charger: Some people say its like a second tank, the charger is a new special infected that’s able to grab a human survivor and seperate him from his teammates but dragging him in his right arm into a wall or a solid object, after that the Charger continues to pound them into the ground until an ally is able to free them. The Charger is supposed to do massive damage.

Jockey: Ok this one made me laugh, its called the Jocket, it kind of looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, that aside, its able to jump on to the survivors head and attack them while giving control as to which direction to move the human survivor, its great for separating the survivors apart.

Spitter: This new infected looked kind of lame to me, nothing really interesting and not much strategy involved, but its main goal is to spit a acid phlegm bomb onto the survivors, this works especially well when the survivors are cornered. When the Spitter dies, it leaves a puddle that does the same amount of damage as her spit bomb. She is very useful when it comes to igniting gas cans when the survivors are near them, but other than that, shes done.

Wandering Witch: Ok this is pretty cool, the Witch that always sat and cried and sometimes glitched when the survivors would get near her is back and this time with a vengeance, she gets to wander around in this game during the day and can sneak up on the survivors at any given moment, she also cries less and im told that she can sing?? uhh oookay… This way the survivors will have a harder time killing her.

The other 4 old infected characters still remain as Smoker, Hunter, Tank and Boomer. There is also some new survivors which include Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle. The up side to this game is, you get a new selection of zombies which can put u in some great positions and it doesn’t get tiring playing the same old 4 infected anymore, here you have variety and alot of cool new stuff.

I just wanna play the new infected, but other than that, its the same game.. Stay tuned.

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Foreign memory cards no longer work for Xbox 360??

Heres a new story for you, and the result might shock you. Microsoft is releasing a update for the Xbox 360 which will end up disabling the memory cards that are not recognized by Microsoft. Why is Microsoft doing this?? They believe it is an attempt to stop piracy. WHAT?!

On Microsoft’s blog, many angry gamers had a lot to say about this with the comment count already at 400. Gamers are upset because of Microsoft’s measly memory card which is $25 but has only 512 MB of memory. Other memory cards worth about $50 have been able to hold 4 GB of memory! That’s alot compared to that puny Microsoft memory card. Were not sure what’s going to happen, but well keep you updated.

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